Sunday, 19 June 2011

:'( its a sad day when a cupcake lover dies

Jessica has been suffering from some problems regarding a cupcake impulse. She is going to thearpy with megan and i (zara) we give her a session each lunchtime . She has to be away from cupcakes for a while and we have written her a poem.

"ROses are red,
Violets are blue (well purple but...)
your addiction is bad
cupcakes hate you (they still love you jess, all good things take time)
you will die alone (unles you die with swomeone else in which case you wont die aloone)
no baking insight (unless im hungry in which case there will be)
cupcakes asleep (zzzzzzz)
in the dead of the night

xxxx Im gonna help you through this jess

(: love zara

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